Cat challenge Dec 4

Cat Sailors are invited to Loch Sport Lake Victoria for a Cat Challenge starting at 1pm

cat-challenge-entry-form-2021.pdf cat-challenge-entry-form-2021.pdf (63kB)

Life Membership award - Hal Olguner

Life Membership award  - Hal Olguner

Loch Sport Boat Club - Life member Award 2021 - Hal Olguner 2021

At the recent AGM the Boat Club presented a Life Member award to Hal Olguner our Commodore in appreciation for all his hard work at the club. From early days Hal and Christine joined in on club activities like cruises to Paynesville and games nights, and often at the club bringing his Dad along

Hal has been a member of the club for 24 years since Feb 1997. Hal gained his RSA in 2012, joined the committee in 2014 became vice Commodore and in 2019 Commodore, he took over the liquor licence nominee and worked many holiday weekends for the club when he could have been working on his holiday house.

 Hal did not use his own boat but happy and willing to crew with others and help run events jumping into rescue boats and start boats to start races for others.  

Hal has been a dependable individual who could have been working at home instead of working at the club over Christmas and at working bees

Hal responded with thanks it was a surprise,  he has loved his time at the club and looks forward to when he can spend more time in Loch Sport


Notice of meeting - AGM

This meeting was held via Zoom and a new committee elected.

An invitation is extended to all members to attend the AGM of the Loch Sport Boat Club on Sunday Aug 29th 2021 @10am.

The committee is planning to hold this in person at the Club Rooms.  Zoom will also be available for anyone who can’t attend

If you wish to use Zoom please advise the Club by Email for Logins to be arranged.

 No proxy voting is possible

Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting only paid up Full members as at April 30 2021 can vote for people nominated for positions.

After the AGM please stay for refreshments and intro yourselves to other members.

The Committee


Lakes Challenge NOR Entry

Pulse Credit Union Loch Sport Lakes Challenge will be held on Saturday 24th April 2021. Trailable yachts, Keel boats, Cruising Multihulls may enter

Enter by completing entry form and payment prior to 22nd April

Late entries up to 0900 on day of race.   Entry fee $20

2021-LSLC-Pulse-SI-and-Entry-1.pdf 2021-LSLC-Pulse-SI-and-Entry-1.pdf (138kB)

Cat Challenge

Saturday 31st October 

Entry form

cat-challenge-entry-form-2020.pdf cat-challenge-entry-form-2020.pdf (92kB)

Life membership award - Reinier Lolkema

The club recently held the delayed AGM via Zoom.   At the AGM the committee was pleased to nominate Reinier Lolkema for life membership of the club in appreciation for his input at the club over the years.

Reinier has been involved in the sailing training for several years and prepared the paperwork and policies for this with Australian Sailing. He assisted in Treasurer duties, put in many, many hours with the lease renewal documents making sure these were appropriate for the club. He also spent many hours with the purchasing and installation of software for the new weather camera system. A worthy recipient. Thank you Reinier .

Boaties Bar Social Membership

This year the club is offering a boaties Bar social Membership.

for a $50 payment you can be a member of our club and not be required to sign in at any function held at the clubrooms. (except Covid rules)

Full members will enjoy all the benefits of the club which include:

Free WIFI at the clubrooms – ask a committee member for the password

Acquire a site for storage of their boats if available.

Key access to use of water for washing boats and motors in the grounds

Obtain an access key to the fully established clubrooms to enjoy at your leisure.

LSBC is a fully incorporated club with liability insurance cover to protect you the member

Members are covered by Australian Sailing personal accident insurance while on club activities

Full members can form a sub group to get together for activities. ie kayak, fishing, cruising, travelling, photographs, music appreciation


LSBC-Membership-Form-2020-2021.pdf LSBC-Membership-Form-2020-2021.pdf (76kB)

WSC Boating facilities plan 2019

Released recently by Wellingyon Shire - Council has not made a decision again this time. 

2019-Recreational-Boating-Facilities-Plan-2019.pdf 2019-Recreational-Boating-Facilities-Plan-2019.pdf (1MB)

Boaties Bistro at Loch Sport Boat club

Open since early November 2019 - Boaties Bistro @ Loch Sport Boat Club, Gippsland Lakes Victoria.  Check the facebook page for when open.  Covid has slowed any openings of the club for meals. 

Starting with a few small events in November and building up to Café lunches and Bistro meals in French style.

Here's a big shoutout and thankyou to our current local suppliers for Boaties Bistro. We can only continue to get better, and expand our supply list, with support and great produce. Nothing is a hassle (even my continual asking for 'weird' things!)

Padula's Europa Deli - Sale
Lazzaro's Fruiterers - Sale
Shaw's Meats - Sale
Sale Fresh Poultry
bon in the garden - Seaton
Tambo Wines - Tambo Upper
Avon Ridge Winery - Stratford
Nicholson River Winery - Nicholson
Narkoojee Wines - Glengarry

Do you know a Local Food Producer that we could possibly use? I would love to hear from you/them.

Boaties Bistro. Supporting Local Business.

Breakwater Safe Harbour update

possible type of breakwater

The Wellington Council is seeking feedback for a boating facilities plan for Loch Sport. Deadline Feb 28

For many years the boat club has been advocating for a breakwater to protect the deep water jetty and boat ramp. A more pleasant spell at the jetty overnight may bring more visitors to Loch Sport. Drop in at the boat club or dinner at the RSL

The Hotel also supplies a courtesy bus to go there.

If any of anyone can make a comment please go to this request.

Control click and when open scroll to bottom

attached file possible type of breakwater another consultancy will be commissioned by the shire to determine where the safe harbour should be

Draft-Recreational-Boating-Facilities-Plan-2018.pdf Draft-Recreational-Boating-Facilities-Plan-2018.pdf (684kB)

Gippsland Ports study reports

2011 rebuild of the deepwater mooring jetty

attached documents are studys and reports from gippsland ports over the years of discussion on a breakwater at Charlies Street.

2013-Gippsland-Boating-Coastal-Action-Plan-final-approved-version.pdf 2013-Gippsland-Boating-Coastal-Action-Plan-final-approved-version.pdf (10MB)

2011 rebuild of Deep water mooring jetty

Plans for rebuild of Deep Water Jetty including breakwater

Loch-Sport-Mooring-Jetty-Proposed-Reconstruction-Original-with-bw.pdf Loch-Sport-Mooring-Jetty-Proposed-Reconstruction-Original-with-bw.pdf (116kB)

Marina in Lake Street

Design chosen by Wellington Shire Council in 2007

The reasons for the community not accepting the WSC chosen plan for Lake Street:

The overlay of the carparking in the plan totally out of scale to vehicles in the overhead.

Proximity to no boating swimming zone possible pollution from stationary vessels and extra vessels using the water way to access boat ramp.

Boat Ramp use would add many extra vehicles and trailers to Lake Street traffic.  

Vehicles waiting in line would inhibit the view from the café next to the Lodge and exhaust fumes from such.

Dev_LochSport_Safe_Boating_Destination1.pdf Dev_LochSport_Safe_Boating_Destination1.pdf (7MB)

Wellington plans and GP new jetty plans

Wellington plans and GP new jetty plans

Wellington council plans and study

decision by council Lake Street 

also jetty plans with breakwater for new Deep Water Mooring jetty

Feasibility_Study1.pdf Feasibility_Study1.pdf (4MB)

Latest News

PADDLE Jan 12 entry form

PADDLE Jan 12 entry form

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PADDLE event Saturday January 12

PADDLE event Saturday January 12

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Boat Club building available for events

The boat Club building is available for special events.

All requests must be made in writing to the Committee of Management by email or post.

please include date and type of event.  Bar can be open if Volunteers with RSA available for that date. 

A document for agreement of hiring is available by request.