Life Membership award - Hal Olguner

Life Membership award - Hal Olguner

Loch Sport Boat Club - Life member Award 2021 - Hal Olguner 2021

At the recent AGM the Boat Club presented a Life Member award to Hal Olguner our Commodore in appreciation for all his hard work at the club. From early days Hal and Christine joined in on club activities like cruises to Paynesville and games nights, and often at the club bringing his Dad along

Hal has been a member of the club for 24 years since Feb 1997. Hal gained his RSA in 2012, joined the committee in 2014 became vice Commodore and in 2019 Commodore, he took over the liquor licence nominee and worked many holiday weekends for the club when he could have been working on his holiday house.

Hal did not use his own boat but happy and willing to crew with others and help run events jumping into rescue boats and start boats to start races for others.  

Hal has been a dependable individual who could have been working at home instead of working at the club over Christmas and at working bees

Hal responded with thanks it was a surprise,  he has loved his time at the club and looks forward to when he can spend more time in Loch Sport